VXP - Vibration eXPert

The VXP is the most powerful system available for vibration based maintenance. VXP performs helicopter rotor track and balance, component balancing, engine analysis and complex vibration surveys with ease. VXP uses the Windows operating system to simplify operation and provide seamless integration with application software.

The VXP is designed to support all aircraft vibration test and balancing requirements, present and future. The digital signal processor in the acquisition unit supports spectrum analysis, multi-plane balance, narrow-band tracking and broadband vibration tasks.


VXP Features

  • Crisp, sunlight readable, active-matrix color display
  • Easy to use touch screen interface
  • Fast six channel simultaneous data acquisition
  • Expanded Smart Chart capabilities for balancing and analysis procedures
  • Comprehensive input capabilities with 48 vibration, 6 photo cell/mag, 2 FasTrak, and accessory channels
  • Portable, On-Board, Commercial and Military configurations available
  • Performance of 75 KHz frequency range, resolution to 51,200 lines and >90 dB dynamic range
  • Instant feedback of maintenance actions with on-aircraft printer
  • Clear on-screen help with graphics and troubleshooting procedures


System Components

The VXP System has two main components - the laptop computer and the acquisition unit. The VXP meets MIL Specs for environment and EMI. The fully ruggedized design means greater reliability and trouble free operation in the harshest flight-line conditions.



Serviceable equipment is sold with our 90 day warranty and certificate of calibration traceable to NIST.

Please note that the terms and conditions of these warranties are subject to change without notice.


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