PT6T TwinPac Engine Specialists

Since 1979, Turbine Traders Ltd. has been recognized as one of the world's largest independent sources for Pratt & Whitney PT6 TwinPac engines. We carry complete engines and combining gearboxes available for outright sale or exchange. We are buyers of engines and parts and invite your offers.

We Carry a Full Assortment of PT6 Engines & Parts

• Engines/Power Sections
• Combining Gearboxes

• Oil-to-Fuel Heaters
• AFCU's, MFCU's, TCU's

• NF Governors
• Fuel Pumps

• Bleed Valves
• Ignition Exciters

• PT6T, PT6T-3, PT6T-3B, & PT6T-6 TwinPacs, PT6B, PT6A , ST6 and T400 series Engines 

Exchange Services for fuel controls, fuel pumps, bleed valves, fuel nozzles, CT vane rings, OE and IE ducts, CC liners, PT stators, compressor stators and blades, C-Box housing sets, accessory gearbox housings and covers. Extensive inventory, contact for more.

Miscellaneous Products
We stock and supply engine shipping containers, PWC special tools and workstands for most PT6 models, as well as borescopes, videoscopes, digital depth micrometers and other inspection tools for shop and flight-line use.


Our inventory is also listed on ILS - click here