Trim Tab Bending Kits


With high-performance rotor smoothing systems, the need to fine-tune rotor blade trim tabs to within a fraction of a degree has proven to be critical. High accuracy means quick solutions.

Tab tool kits provide consistent, precise, and reliable tab bends in increments of .001 in (.025 mm). These kits provide innovative features including:

  • Dial indicator to provide highly accurate, repeatable adjustments.
  • Tab bending tool which allows the user to directly read tab position as bends are made.
  • Mechanical provisions that retain the tab measurement tool on the blade and position the tool repeatedly in the proper measurement position.
  • Zero reference tool to set the tab measurement tool to the manufacturers' zero point.

Tab tools kits are available for use with many helicopter models. Please contact us for your application.


MD500D/E tab bending kit pictured below.