Balancers 177M-6A and 8350

The above diagram highlights the features of the 177M-6A and 8350 balancers. Please note that if you intend to work with both airplanes and helicopters, the Strobex must be included.

1.    Power Cable - connects to the aircraft's 12 or 28 VDC supply

2.    Receptacles - for cable from transducer and magnetic pickup from the left prop

3.    Receptacles - for cable from transducer and magnetic pickup from the right prop

4.    Magnetic Pickup Switch - "independent" position creates two independent circuits  enabling the user to record balance reading from two propellers in one "run." The "common" position is used for helicopter work where two transducers are referenced  to one magnetic pickup.

5.    Function Switch - selects propeller track function, or either left or right balance circuits

6.    IPS Meter - shows vibration level

7.    RPM Tune Dial - tunes the band pass filter to the RPM of the vibration

8.    RPM Range Switch - multiplies RPM of the RPM tune dial reading by factors of 1,   10, and 100

9.    Push For Scale #2 - when depressed, changes IPS meter sensitivity from 0 to 1.0 IPS to 1.0 to 10.0 IPS

10.    Verify Tune Button - used in conjunction with RPM tune dial to adjust balancers band pass filter to the exact propeller or vibration frequency.

11.    Interrupter Logic Switch - single position is used for propeller balance work and the double position for most helicopter smoothing

12.    Test Button - verifies magnetic pickup signal and proper phazor operation

13.    Phazor - reads phase angle (or clock angle) between transducer and magnetic pickup signals



Serviceable equipment is sold with our 90 day warranty and certificate of calibration traceable to NIST.

Please note that the terms and conditions of these warranties are subject to change without notice.


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