192A Spectrum Analyzer

The 192A can be used as a vibration analyzer

and / or a balancer / tracker

As an analyzer use it for:

  • On-condition maintenance through vibration trend analysis
  • Pre- and post-maintenance documentation
  • Hard copy record of vibration on new or overhauled aircraft

As a balancer/tracker use it to:

  • Track and balance helicopter main and tail rotors
  • Balance propellers
  • Balance shafts and blowers
  • Balance high bypass jet fans
  • Do all balancing and tracking on the aircraft


  • The 192A provides balancing information for rotating machinery in one of two ways: (1)The phase readout method displays angle on the liquid crystal display (LCD) using and azimuth reference (magnetic pickup or photocell). (2)The Strobex method displays phase angle by illuminating a retroreflective target on the rotating part.
  • Provides tracking information in one of two ways: (1)Visual tracking is accomplished by illuminating retroreflective tip targets using the Strobex. (2)Rotor smoothing is accomplished by using the vibration sensor (velocimeter) signal and phase angle display to adjust pitch links and/or trim tabs.
  • Designed for the rugged environment of field use. Portable, self-contained, battery operated.



Vibration Signature Cards

With each analysis a vibration signature is plotted on a unique 5x8 inch card as a permanent record for future comparison in vibration trend analysis. Using a pen the 192A draws a vibration spectrum by plotting vibration amplitude on the vertical axis VS frequency in RPM on the horizontal axis.



Vibration Measurement Range (Swept band pass filter):

150 to 900,000 RPM; 2.5Hz to 15KHz

Power Requirements

28VDC aircraft power when used with the Strobex. Internal battery can be charged using 28VDC, 110VAC, or 220VAC adapters. The unit can operate on external power while battery is charging or during battery malfunction.


As shown above: 10x13x4in. (25x33x10cm)
With carrying case attached: 10x13x10in. (25x33x25cm)


As shown above: 9.25lbs (4.2Kg)
With carrying case, velocimeters, brackets, cables, cards, and pen: 20lbs. (9Kg)


Rental Program for Engine Vibration Surveys ( per MORE Company procedures)

  • Spectrum analyzer shipped directly to your work site.
  • Rental rate is per working day; days in transit or days down due to weather are not charged.
  • Please contact us for our current rental rates.



Serviceable equipment is sold with our 90 day warranty and certificate of calibration traceable to NIST.

Please note that the terms and conditions of these warranties are subject to change without notice.


Current Stock

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