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PT6, PT6T, TwinPac,
              Rolls Royce 250,            Chadwick-Helmuth, Vibrex


We are distributors of PT6 engines, parts and components and TwinPac specialists.
We offer sales, repairs and calibration for Chadwick-Helmuth track and balance equipment.

 From Seattle, Washington, to work sites around the world, Turbine Traders Ltd. is a respected, quality supplier of  PT6 engines, parts and components and Chadwick-Helmuth track and balance equipment and services.

 Please browse our product line and submit a request for a quote. You're also welcome to contact us anytime to speak with a representative. Para nuestros clientes hispanos será un placer atenderles en Español.

Turbine Traders Ltd. stocks over 8000 line items dedicated to the support of PT6T, PT6B and PT6A turbine engines. Stock includes new, overhauled, serviceable and as-removed parts to fit your needs and budget. See PT6 Parts or find our complete listing at ILS. Our Chadwick-Helmuth Products coverage is complete and includes both current and out-of-production models. We stock and supply New equipment as well as Serviceable, Calibrated units sold with a warranty. We invite trade-ins and offer upgrades to existing kits.

Turbine Traders Services Include:

Repair and Calibration services for all models of Chadwick-Helmuth track and balance equipment, including 177M-6A, 8350, 192A, 8500 series, Vibrex 2000 series, VXP, 135M- Strobex, FastTrak, Calibrators and Hi-Low Filters.

192A Rental for Engine Vibration Surveys ( per MORE Company procedures).